Helen Jones has been a REALTOR® since 1974. In 1992, she started tutoring UBC’s Pre-Licensing course.


Helen has developed learning aids for students enrolled in the following UBC courses:


- Real Estate Trading Services
- Property Management
- Strata Property Management
- Real Estate Brokers
- Mortgage Brokers
- Selected courses from the Urban Land
Economics Diploma Course

The tutorials are presented thoroughly at the pace that the student chooses; each student who completes all the supplementary questions and practice exams that Helen provides is well prepared for the final exam.

One of the main benefits of Helen’s tutorials is her use of anecdotal information about working in the field that helps the student see more relevance in the course material. Audio-visual aids help reinforce the course information. The supportive environment of her classroom gives each student the confidence to succeed on examination day.



When I decided to go into the real estate industry, I heard from many realtors that the course was very difficult and that most people failed the first time. I then started to ask about tutors, and all four realtors I asked suggested Helen Jones. I wanted to have my license by February, so there was no option to fail. Helen’s encouragement, support, and tutoring style, along with her many tools made me feel very confident going into my exam. I passed and I am now a Realtor.

 - M. Crawford, Realtor

Helen Jones is one of the best instructors to prepare new real estate applicants for the B.C. Real Estate exam.  If it was not for Helen I am sure that I would have not passed the first time round.  Her methods of teaching made it easy to understand and learn what was necessary to prepare me for the exam and being a new realtor.  I can highly recommend Helen!  If I were to write another real estate exam, I would not hesitate to hire her again.

-  H. Harper, Realtor

Helen is such a wonderful tutor & mentor. Her unique and easy going approach helped me to understand the class materials, home work, time management and the preparation of the exam. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to reach out for her assistance. Before meeting her I've tried several years to do it on my own but wasn’t able to get myself ready. But with her approach and encouragement I was able to successfully get my realtor license at one go. Definitely recommend for people who are interested to become a Realtor or Mortgage Specialist.

- D. Hsu, Realtor

I take great pleasure in writing this testimonial of my tutor, Helen Jones.  In fact, I have wanted to write this to express my thanks to and great respect of, this remarkable teacher, many months before successfully completing my Real Estate exam.

To those reading this, if you are at all like me, you didn't have many or no, real teachers throughout your education.  Most of us required at different times, a teacher who could see that we were merely stuck at certain times and with some help, patience and respect, we could move forward and move on successfully.  For me, I came away from formal education believing that I just couldn't succeed.  You may know this feeling. Sure, we have ploughed through and gotten somewhere in our lives and careers, but because of these early experiences, not really believing that our potential for real success was ours to have.

That is what I carried into my tutorials with Helen.  Truth is, I did everything to convince Helen that I just couldn't succeed.  She never bought it, never, not for one minute.  Helen is a real teacher and her knowledge of real estate is up to date and she knows how to get you through it and convince you, gently, continually, that with each tutorial and with your solid work ( and yes, you have to work many hours ) that you shall pass your exam. I did. Got 88%.  Without Helen, no way.  Now I know that I can succeed and I know how and who helped me to succeed.  My wonderful teacher, Helen Jones.

I wish you well in this pursuit.  You'll love the first part if you go with Helen.

- C. M. Walker, Realtor


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